We solve problems that conventional software can't do!

Our software suite offers you tools to automate the processes related to unstructured data like documents, e-mails, or reports.


Classify any kind of incoming textual data like e-mails, documents, or reports. Our software can understand the text and categorize the data based on your business needs.


Think of an incoming e-mail at your help desk where a customer is reporting a problem. With E-Plato this e-mail can be forwarded automatically to the correct department without any supervision!


Searching for information inside your company's documentation is a time-consuming task. With E-Plato search engine you can find information as you do on a public web search engine.


Sharing your knowledge becomes more user-friendly thanks to E-Plato that enables users to interact with human language that finds results in the entire database of documents.


E-Mails, texts, documents, or any kind of simple text: we are able to classify them into categories!

A company that receives on average 100 textual data per day (documents, e-mails, reports) can spend more than 120 hours per month just for the classification and assignment of this data.

Aristotele learns from the existing data of the company and then it is able to categorize any type of new incoming data present in natural language into one or more categories!

The product is able to automate the organization of incoming data without any human supervision, thus speeding up the taking charge and archiving of the data itself.


Searching inside a lot of text was never that easy!

Socrate is a “Google-like” search engine, but if Google finds information on the public web, Socrate searches inside your company knowledge base!

Just type the question in natural language, using synonyms, keywords, or simply a sentence, Socrate searches for the answer in all your documents and extrapolates the paragraph containing the answer! You can also open the complete document directly on the page from where the result was taken.

Just like Google, Socrate finds more than a single answer: the information you are looking for could be present in different documents and in different contexts, so the user gets a list of possible results.


SaaS or on-premises?

At E-Plato we know how important is your knowledge base to you and using external tools to automate the processes related to that is always difficult because that software requires your data to work.

But we have great news for you: Socrate and Aristotele are both installable also on-premises without requiring a heavy amount of computational power. But if you do not want the headache of handling the products on your own, of course, we offer the possibility to use them as Software as a service!

Organize and search your textual data with AI tools!