Save more than 120 hours by automating the classification of your data!

Do you have dedicated resources to analyze and assign text data (like emails, documents and reports) that your company receives? Through machine learning, Aristotele can automate the process by learning the context of your email and business documents!

The model is entirely based on machine learning and can learn more and more every day.
You can also classify text into single or multiple categories.

Speed up your business workflow!

We have created artificial “brains” that can understand the importance of a word in a specific context. This allows our software to classify even unstructured text including emails, documents, reports or alerts.


You only need to provide a file containing already classified historical business data


You can integrate the classification system into any existing service via API calls


You can use the machine learning model as a SaaS service or install it on-premises

Re-training of the model

Wrong classification? Don't worry: Aristotele will tell you when it is unsure of a result and learn from your input

A unique system
to help users' workflow

We provide the text classifier system so that it can be integrated by simply making REST-type API calls

We help to monitor, give shape and transform the classifier

For each use case, there is a classifier specialized in that area. We give the possibility to always monitor the intelligent model to improve its accuracy.

Single or multiple classifications

Aristotele can categorize data into a single category, multiple categories, or even handle pyramidal relationships!

Language indipendent

The machine learning model can handle multiple languages to perform the classification!

Frequent questions

How can I use E-Plato textual classifier?

You only need to provide a previously classified historical dataset and, after the initial training, you are ready to begin.

How should the dataset be structured?

The dataset can be a CSV file containing at least two columns: text and categories.

What happens in case of a wrong classification?

Aristotele will tell you when it is unsure of a result and ask you to teach it the correct input.
It will learn every time you give new input.

What if I don't have data history?

Aristotele will memorize all new classifications and perform automatic training! The system will be independent after performing the first training.

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Automatic classification of textual data using artificial intelligence!