Automatically organize and classify your corporate textual data and search for information in them as with a classic search engine.

Through E-Plato's solutions, you can save up to 150 hours per month by improving the way you share your company's knowledge base and automatically organizing any kind of new textual data!



Socrate is a “Google-like” search engine, but if Google finds information on the public internet, Socrate searches inside your company knowledge base!

Just type in your question in natural language, using synonyms, keywords, or simply a phrase: Socrate will search the answer in all of your documents, chats, or e-mail and extrapolates the paragraphs that might contain the answer! You can also open the data source of the result by clicking on the paragraph.

Like Google, Socrate finds more than a single answer: the information you are looking for could be present in different documents and in different contexts. Because of this, you will see a list of possible results.


It is estimated that a company receiving an average of 100 textual data (like documents, e-mails and reports) can spend more than 120 hours per month just on their classification and assignment.

Aristotele learns from the classifications previously done by the company and is able to categorize any data present in natural language into one or more categories!

The product can automate the organization of new data without any human supervision, hence speeding up the intake and storage of textual data.


SaaS or on-premises

At E-Plato, we know how important your knowledge base is to you: using external tools to automate its processing is always a difficult step since they require your data to work.

For you, we have great news: you can host Socrate and Aristotele in-house!

Still, if you want to have a plug-and-play and enterprise-ready solution, we also offer both of them in Cloud.

Experts in processing
textual data (NLP)


Save more than 120 hours per month by automating the classification process for your textual data, like documents or e-mails. You no longer have to worry about analyzing and categorizing data manually!

API or platform

All E-Plato's products can be integrated into your existing management systems via API! If you want to keep processes separate, we provide you with a user-friendly platform!


Want to search your documented knowledge base for information? You will no longer have to worry about locating the exact documents: just type the question and the information will come to you!


Do you work with textual data written in different languages? E-Plato’s AI engines can work independently from the language!

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