Socrate is a "Google-like" search engine, but if Google finds result on the public internet, Socrate searches inside your private knowledge base!

    Searching for a piece of information contained inside a corporate's knowledge base is a time-consuming task: first, a user has to find the document where the information is contained by typing the document's properties, like date, name, or title. If you do not know the properties, you are not able to proceed.
    Once the document has been found, a user has to analyze it until he finds what he is looking for.
    With Socrate a user can just type the question in a natural language like he is used to doing with classic online search engines.
    The user can use synonymous, keywords, or a complete sentence to search in the entire database of documents.
    Depending on the number of documents present, a company can save between 50 to 150 hours per month and make more human sharable their knowledge base.

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    Smart search engine to be applied on private textual data!

    Socrate works in a simple way. First, you need to provide the dataset of the documents present so we can train an ad hoc ML model for you. Then you just need to connect the documents that you want to index in the search engine.
    Now, you are good to go and start saving your time on sharing information inside your company!

    You can even re-train the model so it can continuously learn your business context.
    It can search for any kind of unstructured document.
    Ideal for internal private documentation.

    Step 1: Train

    First step: you can connect your existing datasource of documents to train the ML model

    Step 2: Take a coffee

    Second step: Connect the documents you want to index.

    Step 3: Search

    Third step: The system is ready! Now you can search inside all the connected documents.

    Step 4: Add new documents

    Fourth step: You can add new documents or update the previous one and Socrate will re-index them automatically.

    Indexing documents

    Integrate Socrate

    To use Socrate you need to index the documents: to do this we can offer ad-hoc connectors that are able to read your documents from different servers and index automatically also the latest update made on the data itself.

    You can decide to install Socrate on-premises or use it as SaaS.
    Web platform or API is your choice: you can decide to integrate it into your existing platforms or we can provide you a dedicated web platform to search in your knowledge base.