Semantic search engine to share your company documentation!

Save more than 50 hours per month by implementing a Google-like search engine that searches for results within your company documents.
Socrate allows users to search for data using natural language, synonyms or keywords as if they were searching on a classic Web engine!

Share your knowledge base

E-Plato's semantic search engine makes it easy for companies to share their documented knowledge.

Business guidelines written by different people are documents often unstructured: searching for information quickly is a nightmare.

Socrate changes the search paradigm: it allows users not to bother browsing through documents but to simply type in the question as if they were using any web search engine!

By clicking on the extrapolated results, users can also view the original document!

Get information in the blink of an eye

Search with natural language, synonyms or keywords

AI models are created specifically for each client to better understand the context!

Do you have documents in different languages? Socrate implements multilingual AI to extract information in any language!

Activation and installation

Socrate works in a very simple way: we need a dataset of documents to create an ad-hoc model for each client. Then, via connectors, the software only needs to have access to the documents that you want to index in the semantic search engine!

Step 1: Initial Dataset

Creation of a specialized AI model for each client

Step 2: Indexing

Your documents can be anywhere: through the connectors, we can have access to your data without creating duplicates!

Step 3: Ready to Go

The system is ready! You can start using it.

Step 4: In-text search made easy

Ask questions with human language! You can use an intelligent search engine to answer your questions or those of your customers.

Behind Socrate

Socrate is a software based on the meaning of words in a specific context: it uses semantics fields to individuate answers correctly.

The intelligent model becomes increasingly specialized in a context when it is used on the same topic repeatedly.

Through the use of a translator, also based on machine learning algorithms, it is possible to load the text and ask questions to the system in any language.

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