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AI software consulting is our daily meal.

Artificial intelligence

We are specialized in building handcrafted solutions based on machine learning systems. Particularly in analysing and processing text.


From offering a variety of services to ad hoc consulting for your company to adopt intelligent and smart solutions.


We have a great and highly expert team of developers that can deliver solutions by following your company during the process of digitalisation.

In house solutions

Plato eLearning and ePlato text classification represents the core of our company. From searching inside documents with human language to text, mails or document classification. Our softwares are able to improve your daily tasks related to text processes.

ePlato Text Classification

Mails, texts, documents or any kind of simple text: we are able to classify them into categories!

Thanks to ePlato Text Classification software, you can improve the productivity of your company by classifying a simple text. Thanks to the automatic classification, you can address the text to the correct resource without anyone doing manual jobs

Plato eLearning

Searching inside a lot of text was never that easy!

Want to search inside documents easily?

Plato eLearning is a software that allows you to search inside text files with human language!

You can just upload any kind of text file and let Plato eLearning learn about it. In just a couple of minutes, you can start asking human like question and receive instant and precise answers extrapolated from the data.

AI consulting

Need help for AI solutions and development?

You are in the right place if you are looking for someone to help you to understand and develop awesome smart AI solutions.

At ePlato we can help your company to have a clear idea of what AI is and what not. We can study together solutions to improve your productivity with intelligent solutions, whether it is an internal product or an add-on to your offers.

Boost up your text related processes with ePlato!
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