Plato eLearning is designed to make a document interactive and easy to use. Our goal is to help your clients or your co workers immediately when they need help!

    Our software can make your classic text manuals, into an interactive search engine!
    You won't contact the assistance when you can use a search engine to find answers in a human language question.

    You just need to upload a text file and Plato eLearning will do all the rest, from understanding the data to answer questions as a human.

    Plato eLearning represents a smart solution also for your internal corporate training completely based on Micro-Learning: get help on work when you need it without engaging another human resource.

    We promise not to spam your inbox!
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    Smart search engine for text search

    Plato eLearning works in a simple way. You just need to upload a PDF version of your manual instruction, your document or a simple text file and in 10 minutes you are ready to ask questions.

    We help analyze, shape and transform post sales process.
    Our model learns day by day by itself
    Ideal for coustumer support or internal wiki usage

    Step 1: Upload

    First step: Upload any kind of PDF file, structured or unstructured text, in any language.

    Step 2: Take a coffee

    Second step: Just wait 10-15 minutes (depending on the PDF pages)

    Step 3: Deploy it

    Third step: The system is ready! You can provide it to your customers

    Step 4: Text search made easy

    Fourth step: Ask question in human language! You can use an intelligent search engine to solve your problems or to your customers

    AI Consulting

    Craft strategies for your brand that inspire your audience

    Our services are backed up by specialists that work with one goal: craft strategies for your brand that exceed expectations and inspire your audience. We offer ad-hoc consulting services in the field of Artificial Intelligence that can help you to create smart solutions for your clients. Our specialists operate currently in Italy and Germany.
    We provide services to help you to understand the world of machine learning and how to adopt smart solutions in the current workflow that can help you to make operations more intelligent and provide to your customers advanced solutions!

    Processo e analisi dei dati testuali