Aristotele is a tool designed to improve your workflow by classifying any kind of emails, text or documents.
    The model is entirely based on machine learning solutions able to learn more and more with every input.
    You can classify text into single category or multi categories

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    Classify yout content automatically

    We create advanced machine brains able to understand the importance of a word in a specific context. That allows our software classifying unstructured text.

    1. We train our machine on a given dataset with your categories
    2. Our machine can classify a single or multi category
    3. You can even re-train the text classification machine on new data or missclassifed text


    You just need to provide a file containing, at least, the text and a single or multi catgories


    You can connect any system and comunicate with the classifier via REST APIs


    You can host the text classification engine in cloud or on permise

    Re-train the model

    Wrong classification? Then don't worry: the intelligent text classification model will tell you when it is not sure about the classification and learn with your inputs


    A fully fledged Knowledge Base to help users

    We provide the text classification system that can be easily integrated into a sytem by just calling REST APIs

    We help analyze, shape and transform the classifier

    For every single use case, there is a specialized classifier in that area. We always analyze the intelligent model to grow and improve its accuracy

    Our consulting services can satisfy your needs

    Do you need a consulting service for creating a special classifier? We are there for you. We can provide a team of highly experts engineers able to build you own specific classifier

    Manage your workflow and tasks successfully

    You can manage your workflow easily without asking to your users to classify thier documents, mails or any kind of text.

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I use Aristotele Classification model?

    You just need to provide a dataset with your content and after the first training, you are good to go.

    How does the dataset must be structured?

    The dataset can be a CSV file containing at least two columns: text and category.

    What happens when there is a wrong classification?

    Aristotele will tell you when it is not sure about the classification and will ask you to give the right value.
    It will learn every time you give inputs in that case.

    How can I start?

    Just feel free to contact us and we will provide you a demo where you can test the classifier!

    Feel free to contact us for more info!

    Save more than 30 hours per month with automatic classification of incoming textual data!